Cancellations or Skipping a Month

How can I cancel my subscription?

 You can log in your account → Your Subscription(s) → Edit → Cancel Subscription (bottom left corner)

How can I skip a month?

You can log in your account → Your Subscription(s) → Edit → Skip Renewal (top right corner)

What is the deadline for cancelling my subscription?

Please make sure to cancel your subscription 24 hours before your renewal date. For example if your subscription renews on October 31st you must log in before October 30th and cancel to ensure you are not charged.

I cancelled my membership right after my order, will I get a refund?

Cancellations NEVER result in a refund. The only way to receive a refund is to reach out to us before your shipment has been sent and request one. Please note that e-mails take up to 24 hours to be responded too so it is possible that your order will ship before we receive your request and at that time a refund will not be possible.